Coil Production

in Baton Rouge, LA

Metal Works Corporation is the leader in coil production in Baton Rouge, LA, producing coils used in heating and cooling systems and many other commercial applications. We produce quality work by maintaining strict control of the dimensional tolerances specified by customers during the entire coiling process. We make sure you get optimal results for each application.

Custom Coil Design & Fabrication

As the trusted resource for coil creation serving Baton Rouge, LA, we’re ASME certified to produce pipe coils up to 8” O.D. We can create coils using any pipe or tube alloy, custom designing coils for your particular applications and requirements.

Depending on tank design and heat transfer specifications, we make it easy to get the coils you need—just provide us with required total surface area and we can start designing. Our coil production capabilities include (but aren’t limited to):

Helical coils

We fabricate helical coils in large and small diameters according to tank design and heat transfer requirements.

Tapered and flat spiral coils

These coils fit the bottom of a round horizontal tank and can be made to your specifications.

Reciprocating (serpentine) coils

Serpentine coils make it easy to transfer heated or cooled air in small amounts of space. We bend serpentine coils that are ideal for compact cooling systems.

Pancake coils

These coils are used when heat only needs to come from one side on a flat surface.

Nested coils

We bend and fabricate nested helical coils to meet a wide range of needs and applications.

Half-pipe coils

We manufacture half-pipe coils in a variety of materials. All we need is total surface area required for your heat transfer application.

Your Resource for Coils of All Applications

Metal Works Corporation has the capability to bend and manufacture coils with a wide range of materials with coating systems that match your budget. We offer a range of innovative solutions for any application. Contact us today at 225-355-8891 to get started.