Spring Production

in Baton Rouge, LA

Metal Works Corporation has become the trusted company for spring production in Baton Rouge, LA. The process of manufacturing springs evolved naturally from other bending and coiling operations we perform each and every day. We can design and manufacture springs to meet any specified load and stress requirements applications.

Custom Spring Creation

As the leading company for spring creation in Baton Rouge, LA, we design and fabricate springs according to exact specifications, in both small and large production lots. We offer sizes from .002” to 2” diameter wire.

Our team uses modern techniques including computer aided designing and engineering to create springs from scratch, always taking into account projected spring rate, projected finished dimensions and projected finished product load. We create the following common spring styles:

Extension Springs

When pulled by outward forces on both sides, these springs elongate and exert resistance. They’re commonly used in screen doors but have a variety of industrial and business applications.

Compression Springs

These springs provide shock absorption, acting as a cushion when downward force is applied. They’re commonly used as bed springs or for car suspension. We have the capability to manufacture these springs according to all working and safety standards.

Torsion Springs

These springs exert pressure along a circular arc-shaped path with a twisting force. The most familiar use for these springs is in traditional mousetraps, but they’re used for a variety of applications including the manufacture of windows and doors.

Conical Springs

You’ll commonly find conical springs in electrical contacts or push buttons. They provide a near constant spring rate during compression. We can make these springs from copper or stainless steel in any size.

We Create Springs in All Shapes and Sizes

Small but mighty, springs are an important component of innumerable products. No matter the size or material, Metal Works Corporation makes custom springs that conform to all working and safety standards. Call us today at 225-355-8891 to begin the design process.