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Recent Trends in Welding Technology

Welding has come a long way from the days of oxy-acetylene, arc, and spot welds. MIG and TIG enable the effective and efficient joining of aluminum, alloys, and other metals that do not react well to high heat. Improving technology greatly impacts the welding trade. So, what are trends in the welding industry? Knowing can help you […]

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An Overview of Flange Manufacturing and Welding

The process of flanges manufacturing is quite complex and must be adhered to rigorously if the manufacturer is to create high-quality components. It is critical for all metal fabricators performing manufacturing and welding of flanges to use high-quality materials from reliable vendors and to have plenty of quality control practices in place to ensure all […]

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How Do You Know if a Weld Is a Good Weld?

Most things made of metal have some kind of weld on them these days. This is especially true for larger industrial components and structural steel. Welding is a fantastic way to hold together pieces of metal, and it is essential in many types of construction and machine building—but a bad weld can spell disaster if […]

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