The Different Types of Metal Springs

What Are Metal Springs?

Springs are mechanical devices usually used in mechanical assemblies to provide force. They help hold batteries in place, lift engine valves, and open die sets. Springs are made from solid steel or wire and can be formed as bags or built as cylinders. They can also be assembled from other springs. 

How Does a Spring Work? 

Springs store mechanical energy and release it when the opposing force is removed. A spring helps create movement or hold a certain object in place without using engines or other powered means. 

What Are the Types of Springs?

There are several types of springs, including the following: 

  • Coil springs. They are also known as helical or compression springs. These springs are usually coiled as constant diameter cylinders and offer resistance to a compressive force. Coil springs are used in car suspension systems, mechanical devices (like toasters, for example), and door handles.
  • Spiral springs. These springs are made from rectangular metal strips that create a flat spiral. They are usually used as balancing springs for smaller angles of rotation. Spiral springs are needed for energy storage, so you can often find them in clock mechanisms. 
  • Torsion springs. Torsion springs are created to either apply or resist a twisting force around a center point. Usually, they are made from sprung steel spring wire in the shape of a helix. This type of spring is used in traditional mousetraps, windows and doors. 
  • Extension springs. These strings are made to absorb and store energy, as well as oppose extension. They are available in different sizes and materials but are usually made from sprung steel spring wire. They are used in many familiar everyday devices and objects, such as washing machines, toys, doors, trampolines, aircraft landing gears, and anywhere else where extended force is necessary.  
  • Conical springs. These springs are helically coiled round wires forming conical or tapered shapes. Conical springs are often used in industrial machinery, car engines, push buttons, switches, and electrical contacts. They play a significant role in many household objects that we all have in our homes. 

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