Precision Coil Production In Baton Rouge, LA

In Baton Rouge, LA, there is a company called Metal Works Corporation that has been producing precision coils since 1956. Producing coils for the electromechanical motor and gyroscope industries and working with materials including aluminum, alloys, and titanium, they have the skill and experience to handle any job!


Specializing in pipe and tube bending, coiling, Asme coded vessels, machining, metal fabrication and more, this LA company has been around for some time. The team has an impressive array of machines, including a high-end CNC machine that can handle large or small jobs alike. The company also boasts a robust quality assurance department that keeps a close watch on production, so you know your product is in good hands from start to finish. 


Metal Works Corporation offers pipe bending and coiling services for the industrial and commercial industries. This company also provides a variety of fabrication and machining services. Its employees are certified as experts in their field, and they ensure the safety of their workers and materials through regular safety training. The company’s welding capabilities include stick, mig and tig welding and brazing. Its products are used in a range of industries, including power generation, food processing, and chemical plants. The company also manufactures coils for the arc fault detector, ground fault circuit interrupter and appliance leakage circuit interrupter industries. These coils are manufactured in 8 to 50 AWG wire sizes and are designed to meet Mil-Spec, ANSI, ASME, DOT, and SAE standards. 


When it comes to precision metal machining, nothing compares to the capabilities of a well-equipped machine shop. At Metal Works Corporation, you can count on a team with a combined 100 years of experience in the industry to produce the finest quality custom metal components for your project. The company’s in-house machining facilities can create the best springs for your application from any alloy, as well as custom rotating mechanical seals and other unique industrial components. They’re also home to one of the best steel slitting machines on the planet, which can cut large coils into narrow-width strips that are the size and shape you need. 

Get in touch with the pros today to request a quote! They’ll be glad to help you get started on your next metal fabrication project and they’re ready to provide you with the highest quality product and service, all while keeping your budget in mind.