What Are Nested Helical Coils and What Are They Used For?

Coils are an important part of any appliance or any machine, and making sure you have the right coils for the job is essential. Helical coils are more common than you might imagine and can be used for a wide range of applications.

What Are Helical Coil Springs?

Helical coils are named such for their springlike or helix shape. This means that the part itself is coiled and wrapped around so that it looks like a coil itself. Helical coils are also referred to as helical springs since they look like springs. They can be considered elastic coils as their springlike shape does make it possible for them to flex and move a bit.  

What Are Some of the Most Common Uses for Helical Coils?

Helical coils are most commonly used for heating and cooling. They are used for heat exchange and for cooling as well and are often used in appliances. They are most often used in applications where direct heating is not possible. Since they are so tightly coiled, they do have a larger surface area and are great for things like appliances that need quick heat transfer but that might not have the ability to do it with their current configuration.

They are also used in air conditioners, heat pumps, to help cool refrigerators, and more. These coils are compact and easy to apply to nearly any appliance. They are also very efficient which makes them ideal for the food industry. They are great for large-scale refrigerating and large-scale cooling which is essential in the food industry both in restaurants and in food storage and supply.

How Stainless Steel Helical Coils is Used in the Food Industry?

One of the biggest concerns of the food industry is food safety. Certain foods have to be cooked at specific temperatures to destroy pathogens that might cause illness. Similarly, they need to be stored at specific temperatures to keep from spoiling and to keep the foods from causing food-borne illnesses.

These coils can be used in beer brewing, in appliances to keep food cold, in heating foods and so much more. These coils allow the food industry to accelerate the mixing process and to quickly cool down whatever they are working on. They can be adapted to nearly any application and are a great way to ensure that food is safe for consumers and safe across the board as well.