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How Do You Know if a Weld Is a Good Weld?

Most things made of metal have some kind of weld on them these days. This is especially true for larger industrial components and structural steel. Welding is a fantastic way to hold together pieces of metal, and it is essential in many types of construction and machine building—but a bad weld can spell disaster if […]

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When Picking Metal Springs, Know This First

Springs are used in more applications than we realize—and that wide variety of applications means that we also need different materials for these specific uses. Here is some more information to answer the questions, “What are metal springs used for?” and “What metals are springs made of?” Spring materials Springs are made of metal, but […]

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Why Some Metal Can Be Bent and Some Can’t

Metal is an incredible material. It is incredibly hard, strong and durable, but many metals can be bent into just about any shape. Some metals are easy to bend and can be formed with little effort, while others will be more likely to break than bend no matter what method is attempted. Why can some […]

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