Recent Trends in Welding Technology

Welding has come a long way from the days of oxy-acetylene, arc, and spot welds. MIG and TIG enable the effective and efficient joining of aluminum, alloys, and other metals that do not react well to high heat.

Improving technology greatly impacts the welding trade. So, what are trends in the welding industry? Knowing can help you to stay abreast of the latest innovations. It also can help you to stay on top of the field and continually provide your clients with the best welding services.

The following gives you a closer look at some recent trends so that you know what is the latest welding technology and how it might affect your welding services.

Laser Welding Improvements

Many modern metals that are used in various manufacturing processes are highly vulnerable to warping, cracking, and other damage from heat. Laser welding enables a very precise application of heat to fuse metals together via the welding process.

A high-powered laser light instantly melts metal and fuses two pieces together. That greatly reduces the spread of heat into the metals, which reduces the damage that they suffer from the welding process.

Laser welders are becoming more powerful and more effective. Testing shows that newer technology is enabling them to weld up to 50mm of steel in just one pass. That kind of capability makes laser welding ideal for manufacturing and industrial processes.

Increased Robotics and Automation

Robotics is helping to improve the way in which welding is done in manufacturing. Robotic equipment helps to prevent errors and greatly reduces the potential for worker injuries.

When paired with automation, robotics can replicate the same accurate welds over and over without interruption. Robotics and automation also make it possible to reduce manufacturing errors and flaws, which lowers costs and boosts profitability.

Enhanced Protection for Workers

Knowing what are some challenges of welding can help to make it safer for your workers. Welders might breathe in toxic fumes, suffer electrocution, or become injured by burning heat.

Different types of welding could produce carcinogenic gases. New personal protection equipment (PPE) is helping to reduce those dangers so that welders can provide you with quality work.

Safety always has been a very important aspect of welding. The new developments in PPE equipment are helping to reduce exposure to toxic fumes produced by the welding process. Ultra-fine particles are having a much harder time penetrating newer protective equipment while making a potentially dangerous job much safer for your welders.

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